Sales Package

Date:Dec 07, 2018

Sales packaging (also known as inner packaging):

A)Ensure that the product does not deteriorate, is not contaminated, preserves or prevents death during the warranty period.

Many products require outer packaging to protect the goods from damage during the circulation process. They also need inner packaging for preservation, quality preservation, pollution prevention and death prevention, especially for food, flowers, vegetables, aquatic products, cosmetics, etc. To protect the goods from deterioration, pollution, preservation or death during a certain period of time.

B)Promote the sale of goods, and package them in the display of goods to play the role of silent salesman. Whether the products can sell well, in addition to the performance and quality of the goods themselves, the role of sales packaging can not be ignored, it not only to beautify the goods, Also used for advertising.

As is known to all, when China’s Maotai wine entered the international market for the first time in the world, it was fortunate that the image of “the coat of clothing” was exhausted, and it was fortunate that its quality was too good, the bottle was accidentally broken, and the wine was fragrant. Recognized by the world. This handed down story makes us both happy to have the quality consciousness of "making iron itself hard", and we must not be saddened by the lack of "packaging" consciousness.

When shopping in the mall, the first thing that caught the attention of customers was the shape and packaging of the goods. The survey showed that 63% of the consumers purchased the products according to the packaging of the products. This is the famous “DuPont Law”.

C)Commodities must be competitive in the international market. In addition to the quality of the goods themselves, the packaging of goods must first be competitive. Packaging reflects the development of the economy from one side, and is the instrument and wind vane of the degree of commercialization.

It is possible to increase the value of the goods, so that the customers are willing to pay a higher price to purchase, and to make the products win customers, on the one hand, we must pay attention to the quality of the goods, on the other hand, we must pay attention to the packaging of the goods, and the two complement each other.

Any quality packaging is an art, it involves a wide range of topics, from mathematics, science, aesthetics, sales, sociology to psychology, etc., only considering all aspects, packaging is considered Perfect, successful, in order to achieve the purpose of promotional goods.


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