Selection And Production Of Ordinary Tea Packaging Materials

Date:Jan 04, 2019

As people's living standards improve, tea has gradually become a part of life. Representing health, leisure, connotation... The number of teas on the market is so many that I can’t count, and there are more and more people who know tea and understand tea. However, what is plaguing the merchant is how to buy tea packaging boxes?

The purchase of tea packaging boxes should cater to the market and cater to the vast number of consumers. Tea boxes are too expensive for consumers to bear. Too cheap to set off the quality of its tea. To use its universal materials, how to make high-end tea boxes.

Tea packaging box general materials: cardboard, printing paper, special paper, filling paper, touch paper, PU leather, crepe cloth, flannel, cashmere paper, MDF.

 high-end tea boxes gift packaging paper  box

Group box mode: 3mm, 5mm MDF material (recommended).

The tea box that comes out of this way can be as high as the color of the tea, as long as the color is beautiful and the hand is done well.

5mm MDF package printing paper tea box / 3mm MDF mounted with cloth tea box

The tea packaging box that comes out of this way, although the materials are selected by the public, as long as the manual, color matching, make it look good. It can also reflect the high quality of tea.

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