Self-adhesive Label Classification And Use

Date:Jun 28, 2018

There are many different types and brands of sticker labels on the market, but do you know the classification and use of each different sticker? By understanding the classification and use of self-adhesive labels, you can better choose a self-adhesive label suitable for your own use, reduce the risk of procurement, and save time and cost of procurement.

Stickers are classified and used as follows:

1.Mirror coated paper: This type of sticker uses advanced multicolor product labels. It is commonly used in information labels for medicines, foods, appliances, stationery, and other items.

2.Matte paper, offset paper: This type of self-adhesive label mostly uses label paper. Usually used for high-speed laser printing, inkjet printing information labels or bar code labels.

3.Fragile stickers: The main function is anti-counterfeit and warranty, this type of sticker can not be used after shredding. It is generally used in anti-counterfeiting of goods such as electrical appliances and medicines.

4.Polyethylene label: The appearance of the fabric is relatively transparent and bright, and the color is milky white.

5.Thermal paper: It is usually easy to see above the price of goods, and it is widely used.

6.Pvc shrink film: commonly used in various types of electrical or machine battery trademark.

7.Coated paper: applied to multi-color product labels. Usually used in food, medicine, electrical appliances, cosmetic products, cosmetics information labels.

8.Laser laser film: high-end information label paper, used for stationery, high-end accessories and other multi-color product labels.

9.Aluminum foil: This kind of sticker is also a label that is used in many color products. It is commonly used in high-end information labels for pharmaceuticals, food, and stationery products.

10.Polypropylene: The surface of the label is transparent, sub-silver, sub-gold, milky white, matt milky white and so on. The performance of the product is more important than the water, oil and chemical products such as the label, daily use of bath products, electrical appliances, machinery and other products information labels.

11.Hot transfer paper: performance against high temperatures. Usually used in microwave ovens and other products.

12.Removable adhesive: Coated paper, mirrored paper polyethylene, polypropylene, etc. are usually used for the fabric. Because this type of sticker tears without leaving any traces, it is usually applied to labels such as tableware and fruits.

13.Chemical Synthetic Paper: Because this kind of self-adhesive label has strong resistance to water and oil, it is usually applied to information labels for high-end products and environmental protection products.

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