Seven Packaging Strategies Make Your Product Stand Out!

Date:Sep 23, 2017

Product packaging is a powerful weapon in marketing. Therefore, enterprises must choose appropriate packaging strategy when carrying out packaging design. There are several common packaging strategies for your reference:

1. Similar packaging strategy

Similar packaging strategy refers to the enterprise production and operation of a variety of products on the packaging in the same pattern, color, or other common characteristic, thus the whole packaging appearance is similar, using easily noticed that this is the same products, the main advantage of this strategy is:

A) the cost of packaging design can be saved.

B) it can increase the momentum of enterprises and improve their reputation. A series of uniform product packaging will certainly make consumers suffer from repeated visual impact and form a deep impression.

C) there is a new product listing, which can take advantage of the company's existing reputation through similar packaging, so that the new product can quickly take a place in the market. Similar packages are chosen for products with similar quality levels, which are not produced in products.


2. Grade packaging strategy

Level packaging strategy refers to the production and operation of the enterprise products, according to the different quality of the implementation of different packaging. The high-end, mid-range, low-grade products were opened, the use of the corresponding packaging, so that the price of products to use fine packaging.


3. Integrated packaging

Integrated packaging, or a variety of packaging. Supporting the packaging, refers to the use of enterprises into each other associated with a variety of goods into a packaging container, while selling. This strategy for consumers to buy, carry, use and custody provides a convenient, but also conducive to enterprises to expand sales, promote new products, such as tooling boxes, all kinds of household medicine box, treasure chest, cosmetic box, etc are integrated products.


4. Re-use packaging strategy

Re-use packaging, also known as multi-purpose packaging, refers to the user's packaging containers within the finished goods, the packaging container can continue to use may be used to buy the original product, it may be used for other purposes. Such as oil bottles used to zero copy the original loaded biscuits, can also be installed candy, can also be used to install stationery debris, etc., this strategy will help to attract the user's interest in the purchase, but also may promote its repeated purchase to advertising effect.


 5. Freebie packaging strategy

This is the current foreign market, more popular packaging strategy, in our market today, the use of an increase. This strategy is the business in a product packaging containers to add some gifts to attract the purchase of interest. Such as children's toys, candy and other goods in the package with comic books, word card, sticky, cosmetic packaging with coupons, tired of a number of different gifts. Some goods package with lottery tickets, prizes can be awarded after winning; so and so numerous.


6. Reform packaging strategy

The reform packaging strategy refers to the reform of packaging design in response to the changes of the products and the market. In the modern market management, the improvement of commodity packaging, as well as the improvement of the product itself, the market marketing has to function, if the inner quality of similar products with approximation, and the market is not free, is probably the packaging design? Not to be popular, we should pay attention to the change of packaging and introduce innovative packaging, which may create excellent sales performance. At the same time should be in the market more performance in close packing of information collection, continuously improve product packaging, timely adopt new material, new technology, designed a new modelling, create a new and unique packaging to play the functions of packaging. Of course, this is not to say that as long as the note in the packing changed can promote sales, the immanent quality of commodities should also constantly improve, at least to meet the use requirements but the most basic premise.

Packaging strategy selection key points:

The function of product packaging is to protect the product itself, to facilitate the use of consumers, to beautify products, to increase the added value of products and sales promotion, etc. Reasonable product packaging strategy has very important influence on the product marketing activities of enterprises.    

Pay attention to the following points:

(1) notice the key points for changing the shape of the package. In general, the appearance of packaging is with the product geometry, but in some cases, require special consideration, such as to be especially reflect the inner beauty of products, companies need to change the product of external shape, etc .If the enterprise needs to change its original packaging, it has to understand the consumer's consumption and usage habits. Does it conflict with it? Also pay attention to the consumer's line of sight, do you launch circular packaging consumer identity? Why you like a flat or square package.   

(2) the use of familial packaging or individual packaging means that all product items are packed in the same or similar form. The benefit of this is to reduce packaging design and printing costs; The promotion of a product project leads to other products that reduce advertising expenses; It can also be used to promote the sales of other product projects through successful product projects .But the downside is that if one or more products go wrong, it will have an impact on other product projects. If it is packaged separately, the cost of packaging and promotion will be high, but it will not have a knock-on effect on other product projects due to the problem of a product project. This requires companies to make decisions based on marketing goals and marketing risk.

(3) collective packaging is adopted. In the same package, the packaging line is the related product, which is the package. Like toothpaste and toothbrush packaging; A group of cosmetic packaging together. Packaging has the advantage of combination can increase the sales of the enterprise, for customers in need to buy related products, not only that the product of an enterprise purchase, most cases are respectively to buy a few products of the enterprise. When buying a series of products, customers should purchase the products of the company. It also adapts to customers' purchase of gifts.

(4) multipurpose packaging means that the packaging can be used for other purposes after the product is consumed or used. If the medicine bottle is for water cup, plastic bag for handbag. Multi-purpose packaging can make the packaging play the role of long-term advertisement. Make customers produce a price that is relatively cheap and willing to buy.

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