Seven Type Of Business Leaflet

Date:Nov 19, 2018

Related leaflet

The so-called related publicity list is mainly to study the business district where the store is located, and whether there are high-profile chain stores, through understanding the main consumer groups and structures. Link the leaflet to the goal of sharing customer resources.

Functional leaflet

The so-called functional leaflet refers to the purpose of embedding the leaflet with the information or common-sense convenience service that a customer needs, so as to achieve the purpose of allowing customers to see more and be willing to watch.

Eg:The main customer group of a shop is a migrant worker, and he is instructed to print the shop flyer on the train schedule, which is effective. Another example can be printed on maps, calendars, unit conversions, common sense of life, etc. In short, it depends on the needs of the consumer groups.


Benefit leaflet

The so-called interest-based leaflets are designed according to the psychology that people all love to take advantage of, so that customers can get some benefits when they get the leaflets.

Graft leaflet

The grafted leaflet is mainly to graft the propaganda carrier and the customer's benefit through the “leverage leverage” approach. Can also be understood as the grafting of the leaflet to other media, such as participating in the newspaper, participating in the publication.

Raffle form

The lottery flyers mainly use people's luck, "it is possible to win" and "may be 5 million" and other curiosity. Improve customer participation and achieve the purpose of attracting customers.

Order form

An order-based leaflet, that is, the back or 1/3 of the leaflet is designed as an order format. As long as you fill out the order to the customer of the store, you can get more discounts.

Humanities leaflet

The literary leaflet is a combination of the integrated image of the designated person and the leaflet.

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