Several Questions To Be Aware Of In The Creative Packaging Box

Date:Jul 30, 2018

The change of consumers' aesthetic concept requires that the design of the packaging box should keep pace with the times, and the concept of creative packaging box is not new.

Creative packaging should be in line with the market

In order to do a good job in the creative packaging box, we must first understand the customer's psychology, and strive to integrate with the customer's personality psychology, to obtain the aesthetic coordination of the packaging and goods, so that customers can understand the characteristics of the goods in a certain image. Careful consideration of each detail reflects the personality, attitude and even belief of the brand.

Creative packaging must enhance individual visual impact

Personalized packaging design should use color to create visual impact for customers. Relevant information shows that people's memory of the brand, 83% with the help of visual 1% by hearing, 3% by touch. Color has a particularly important place in packaging design. Because different colors can cause people to have different visual reflections, which leads to different psychology.


Creative packaging should also be environmentally conscious

In the “green” century, the awareness of environmental protection has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Creating designs that protect the environment and human health is a common goal pursued by today's consumers and designers. However, the wind of over-packaging has intensified. Many companies blindly believe that the packaging box is the more upscale the better. The creative packaging box requires not to blindly pursue the so-called high-end. It should be observed in life and apply good ideas to the gift box. It makes people look bright and is willing to buy.

In short, the creative packaging box should be clear communication of information, performance quality, unique and appropriate performance market positioning and stimulating senses, and contains a rich design culture.

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