Several Structural Forms Of Carton Printing

Date:Mar 12, 2019

Carton printing should be a common thing in everyday life, but many people will be confused when it comes to its structure. Today, we will come to understand several structural forms of lower carton printing.

Heaven and earth cover and flip-top carton. This packaging structure is one of the most common in everyday life. 

The structure is tangentially pressed on the surface of the box according to different patterns, and the lid can be opened, and the product can be seen, and the decoration graphic, text and trademark of the box surface can be seen. 

The structure has the characteristics of convenient opening, easy removal of goods, and convenient display and promotion of goods.

Portable carton This type of carton has a handle on the edge of the carton, but the handle is designed to be folded as much as possible for easy transportation.

Window-opening carton This type of carton is used in combination with a transparent plastic sheet. It can be divided into three types: partial window opening, transparent lid and multi-faceted transparent.

Custom luxury printed cosmetics packaging makeup sets cardboard paper box for product packaging

Shaped carton This type of carton is mainly designed according to the goods to be packaged, mainly in the form of triangle, pentagon, diamond, hexagon, octagon, trapezoid, cylindrical, semicircular, book and so on. This carton is novel and beautiful.

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