Several Unique Cosmetic Packaging Designs

Date:Sep 13, 2018

Showcase the main packaging:

Through the outer packaging, we can see the perspective packaging of the contents, which is increasingly favored by consumers. While this effect can be achieved through cardboard openings, numerous brand marketers are choosing to achieve this through a combination of packaging – a plastic window embedded in a cardboard structure. Cardboard and plastic will have a very effective combination in the future.

Textured material:

Textured materials are already very popular in cosmetic packaging. Texture is often produced by embossing a line of paper on a whole sheet of paper. When people pick it up, they find that it gives a different feel to standard or smooth cardboard. Although the final effect of using smooth or matt is more, most customers prefer a matt effect that combines textured materials.



On the cosmetic packaging box, packaging made of glittering materials has begun to appear to attract eye-catching sales. Special effects inks, coatings and metal materials are joining this trend. Manufacturers strive to differentiate their products through this innovation, but at the same time pay attention to cost overhead, so it is a cost-effective way to achieve such a look and feel, that is, use metallic ink or shine in printing. The role of pearl oil. In the future, we will see more decorative paper boxes in the market.

Unusual shape:

More and more companies are demanding different box shapes, requiring some to break through traditional changes rather than a conventional shape. A relatively new change in this area is the use of injection molded plastic end caps.

A beautiful cosmetic/skin care product packaging box can attract customers' attention, and it is also a manifestation of product quality. For cosmetics/skin care products, it is more designed from the perspective of women, and it is more beautiful and beautiful. The group is most valued.

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