Some Common Problems With Custom Business Notebooks

Date:Jun 22, 2018

1.Customized advertising notebook cover is generally made of those materials?

A: A variety of high-grade PU leather, the first layer of leather, two layers of leather, microfiber leather, leather paper, PVC rubber material, a variety of colors.

2.What are the forms of notebook cover advertising?

A: There are branding, bronzing, hot silver, silk screen, etc. The branding is elegant and durable, and it is more popular for its durability.

3.What kind of paper is used in the inner pages of advertising notebooks? What is the general page number and what are the binding methods?

A: High-end notebooks generally use Dowling paper (natural color is light yellow, which does not damage eyesight, all wood pulp paper), and ordinary notebooks often use offset paper. Generally more than 80 grams, mostly 100 - 120 sheets, can be increased or decreased according to customer requirements; binding for the line of plastic bags or stainless steel loose-leaf ring installed.

4.How to make advertisements inside the notebook?

A: It is possible to print corporate presentations, corporate products, etc. Writing pages can create footer headers. We have personal data, annual calendar, domestic direct dial area code and postal code, international long distance area code and other general column templates.

5.What is the general amount of work done and how is the price?

A: Generally, the minimum quantity is 200 pieces, and the price is calculated according to the style, quantity, and printing requirements selected by the customer.

6.What is the packaging?

A: Most of them are OPP bags, but they can also be used to make high quality paper or wood packaging.

7.The price of notebooks is mainly related to those factors?

A: It is mainly related to the three factors of the selected material and manufacturing process, size, and quantity.

8.How long does the production cycle take?

A: According to the amount of quantitative and the level of demand, delivery is generally within 15 to 20 days after finalization.

9.Customization process?

A: Consulting and communication - design planning - proofing - payment of deposit - contract production.


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