Some Common Sense Questions About Corrugated Boxes

Date:Nov 13, 2018

At present, the corrugated shape mainly has three designs of V, U and UV. The advantages and disadvantages of each design are analyzed below:

The characteristics of the V-shaped corrugated waveform are: the flat anti-pressure value is high, the amount of the adhesive is saved during use, and the corrugated base paper is saved. However, corrugated cardboard made by such corrugated corrugations has poor cushioning properties, and corrugated sheets are not easily recovered after being pressed or subjected to impact.


The U-shaped corrugated waveform is characterized by a large adhesive area, a firm bond, and a certain elasticity. When subjected to external shocks, unlike the V-shaped flute so fragile, but not as good as the plane of the anti-pressure strength of the V-shaped flute.

According to the characteristics of v-shaped corrugated and u-shaped corrugated rollers, UV corrugated rollers have been widely used.Processed corrugated, not only maintain V line capacity of high pressure resistance, but also with a high bonding strength of u-shaped corrugated, a certain flexibility.At present, corrugated board production line at home and abroad corrugated rollers are used this UV shape corrugated rollers.

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