Special Crafts For Gift Box Making

Date:Dec 28, 2018

Nowadays, people are also paying extra attention to the gift of giving, and the request for customizing the packaging box is getting higher and higher, and can not be limited to the satisfaction of the gift box packaging.

There are quite a few customers who like to customize, including the packaging and construction process, and we have a lot of requests today. Let's take a look at the printing of beautiful gift boxes and some special construction techniques.


Transfer can be divided into thermal transfer and cold transfer:

Thermal transfer is to sculpt the pattern on the copper plate and heat it to a certain temperature. When we put the product on the plate, we can transfer the pattern we want to the product. Importantly used, plastic, EVA, stainless steel, and a large amount of production.

Water transfer can be divided into two types, one for the watermark transfer skill, and the other for the transfer of the photo pattern and the ink. The second type, water-drawing transfer skill, large transfer area, melted in water, water-based film bearing pattern, good spreading function, easy to wrap around the entangled product, water transfer is generally used for digital impact costs.

Hot stamping, is the mold we will do, aiming at the position we want to burn. The hot stamping machine will adjust the temperature to the hot gold. The hot gold we want to burn will be hot on the materials we want to heat. Let the hot gold drop, the temperature and status of the hot stamping are very tense.

Bumping is a product that is formed by pressing the necessary patterns or fonts through a stenciled template. Another is that we seem to be eager to see the hot stamping on a daily basis. This kind of craft has certain difficulty, and the set must be accurate. 

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