Strategy And Function Analysis Of Carton Packaging Structure Design

Date:Apr 25, 2019

The first method uses offset printing of corrugated box paper and then uses a single machine to reticle corrugated. This method can print beautifully designed cartons and improve the printing quality of carton products, but it also has other problems: complicated production process, long production cycle; low carton strength, high scrap rate, high production cost; large production site , labor intensity is high; printing format is limited; delivery time is not flexible enough.

The second method, the flexographic printing of corrugated cardboard directly, has the characteristics of quick ink drying, high printing speed and low cost, and is particularly suitable for corrugated printing, which is not very high in printing precision.

The third method, micro corrugated cardboard, obtains a beautiful pattern by offset printing, which is a new material and printing superposition process technology. 

The packaging products produced by micro corrugated have the characteristics of low gram weight and high strength, while the direct offset printing high-grade color corrugated cardboard has the characteristics of short production cycle and good dimensional stability.

The fourth method can produce medium and high grade cartons. The requirements for corrugated paper in medium and high-grade carton are: the printed pattern is exquisite, and the strength of corrugated paper cannot be affected. 

To achieve this requirement, the current ideal method is pre-printing, which includes both gravure pre-printing and flexo pre-printing.

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