Tea Box Type

Date:Jan 11, 2019

Paper tea box

Features: light weight, strong plasticity, currently on the market mostly paper tea boxes, packaging different grades of tea products, and the price is cheap.

Iron and plastic tea box

At present, there are also some tea boxes on the market, which are initially packaged in iron or plastic tea boxes. The cost of upgrading products is slightly higher than that of paper tea boxes.

Wooden tea box

As the name implies, it is a box that is made of wood and is packaged according to customer needs to promote the sale of tea products. A good tea wooden box can increase the value of tea several times. The tea wooden box is already the mainstream form of tea packaging.

Tea box flip top box with magnetic closure Rigid Gift Boxes

In the future, tea boxes will be used more widely, and because they belong to the food packaging industry, health and environmental protection is the first requirement, so the future tea boxes will develop in an environmentally friendly, cyclical and diverse direction.

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