Tea Gift Box

Date:Jan 11, 2019

Tea Box:One of the containers used to hold tea leaves, the shape often has a rectangular parallelepiped, a cube, a cylinder and other opposite sex; the materials mainly include: paper, wood, iron, aluminum, and other mixed environmentally friendly materials.

Production process of paper tea box:

1, the choice of paper, including the appearance of the material (special paper, paper, PU leather, coated paper, powder paper)

2, the choice of embryo material (gray card, single white card, double white card, double copper card, single copper card, green plastic embryo, etc.)

3. Make the die and make the test package of the test beer and materials. After confirming the process and practice, batch cutting the materials for batch preparation.

4. In the assembly workshop, the assembly and hand-made of the packaging box are carried out and the finished product is packaged.

Luxury tea packaing Food box cardboard presentation boxes

In recent years, the production process has been continuously upgraded, customer needs have been continuously optimized, and new processes have emerged one after another.

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