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Date:Jan 17, 2019

Every box must be devoted to energy and energy. The following is an analysis of your analysis:

Paper tea box manufacturing process

1.The choice of paper, including the appearance of the material (special paper, paper, PU leather, coated paper, powder paper).

2.Selection of embryo material (gray card, single white card, double white card, double copper card, single copper card, green plastic embryo, etc.).

3.The knife mold is made, and the test beer and material test package are carried out. After the process and practice are confirmed, the materials are batch-cut for batch preparation.

4.The assembly and hand-made of the package are carried out in the assembly shop and the finished product is packaged.

Rigid Gift Boxes Sturdy Gift Boxes tea bag box

Printing paper

The paper packaged in the tea box is generally 128 g or 157 g of coated paper, or white card, cowhide, gold and silver aluminum foil paper, special paper etc.

Printing art

The conventional one is four-color printing, or four-color one-class.


The tea box can be bronzing, hot silver, embossing, UV, film and so on.

Number of prints

The above is the basic process of tea packaging box production, the number of custom iron boxes is relatively high, generally tens of thousands of orders, considering the economic and environmental protection, or the carton is more appropriate.

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