Tea Packaging Design

Date:Jan 16, 2019

The first thing to consider when designing a tea box is the monthly structure of the material. Whether the packaging material is suitable or not directly affects the quality of the product. This is also determined by the properties of the special product of tea. 

Therefore, it is generally preferred to use a precise structure to facilitate opening. The material is used to make tea packaging.


Color design of tea packaging

Color is the most attractive product in packaging design. If the color is properly matched, it will make consumers feel a pleasing feeling after watching, which can attract consumers' attention. The color of the package is subject to the attributes of the product, and the color itself has its own genus. 

Therefore, use color to be cautious, and strive to be less and more refined, indirect and bright, or fresh and elegant, or gorgeous, or simple and natural, to take into account the customs and appreciation habits of consumers, but also to consider the grades, occasions, varieties, Different colors use different colors.

Image design of tea packaging

The group design of the tea box packaging can make the products more vivid, vivid and interesting.

Tea packaging text design

The text of the tea box packaging is also an important part of the design. A package can be without any decoration, but it can't be without text. The text of the tea package must be concise and clear, fully reflecting the attributes of the product, and it is not appropriate to use too cumbersome fonts and illegible fonts.

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