Tea Packaging Material Selection

Date:Jan 18, 2019

As a kind of food, tea must be put away from the pollution of packaging materials in order to reduce the deterioration of the product due to the influence of packaging. When packaging tea, consider the quality and safety of tea packaging materials.

There are many materials for tea packaging, such as paper, plastic film, metal, ceramics, etc. There are also some wood, bamboo and other materials that can also be used for packaging.

When selecting the packaging materials for tea, it mainly starts from the two aspects of economy and health, that is, the packaging materials are selected at reasonable prices and meet the relevant national hygiene requirements, such as quality preservation, moisture protection and moisture prevention. Consider preventing the entry of microorganisms.

It is also necessary to prevent deterioration of tea when selecting packaging materials. Tea contains tea polyphenols, amino acids, alkaloids and other substances, which are easy to receive the effects of temperature and humidity and light oxygen.

These must be considered when choosing packaging materials. At the same time, the tea polyphenols in the tea are prone to oxidation and polymerization, and the tea polyphenols are prevented from being oxidized during the storage of the tea leaves, thereby deteriorating the tea leaves.

The quality of tea is greatly affected by the environment, so the quality of tea packaging materials needs to be strictly controlled.

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First of all, pay attention to moisture, moisture protection is the key in tea packaging. Second, the tea packaging should be protected from light. Light will speed up the changes in the ingredients in the tea and destroy the quality of the tea. The oxygen content in the final environment is also an important factor in tea packaging, and its gas barrier properties should be considered when selecting packaging materials.

The choice of tea packaging materials should be based on the characteristics of tea and the principle of tea deterioration should fully consider the safety of its quality. In turn, the tea can be preserved for a long time when it is packaged.

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