Text Design In Paper Gift Packaging Products Design

Date:Sep 21, 2017

Like advertising design, packaging design can without graphics at sometimes, but it can not without text, text is the essential to convey the packaging design elements, many good packaging design are pay attention to the text design, or even deal with the decorating scene entirely with text changes.

Packaging text content mainly in the following areas:

A. Basic text: the name of the package, the name and the name of the production enterprise. The general arrangement of the main display in the face, the name of the manufacturer can also be arranged in the side or back. Brand name for the general standardized processing, help to establish product image. Name text can be decorated to change.

B. Information text: information text, including product composition, capacity, model, specifications and so on. Arrange more parts in the packaging side, back, can also be arranged in the front. Designed to use printed fonts. Description text: description of product use, usage, maintenance, precautions and so on. The text should be concise and concise, and the font should be printed. Generally not arranged in the front of the packaging. 

C. Advertising text: This is the promotional content of the promotional characteristics of the content, the content should be honest, simple, vivid, should not deceive and instigate, the layout of the changeable parts. However, the ad text is not a necessary text.


Packaging font design

Chinese calligraphy font has a very good expression, embodies the different character characteristics, is the vivid language of packaging design.

The font of the printed body is clear and easy to use, and the application on the packaging is more common. Chinese characters printed on the packaging used in the main lovers, black body, art body and round black body. Different printed materials have different styles, for the performance of different characteristics of goods has a very good effect.

In the packaging design using the most varied or decorative fonts. Decorative body in a variety of forms, the main changes in the form of changes in shape, stroke changes, structural changes, image changes and so on. For different content should be an effective choice.


For select the font of packaging design, in general, it should pay attention to the following points:


1-The font style should reflect the characteristics of the base content.

2- Font application good recognition, readability, especially the use of calligraphy body. In order to avoid the general consumer can not read, should be adjusted, improved, so that can be accepted by the public, without losing its artistic flavor. Note that the same name, the same content of the font style to be consistent.

In the packaging design of the text, there is involved foreign languages usage for the export goods packaging, Now the most popular is English, This type of text is characterized by the letter word, and the 26 letters in uppercase or lowercase format.

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