The Artistic Value Of The Packaging Itself

Date:Aug 27, 2018

Packaging design not only considers static visual elements, but also incorporates dynamic usage. As long as it is used properly, not only the artistic value of the packaging itself does not lose the product itself, but even the open packaging process is equally enjoyable.

Spin Master's new party party (Party Popteenies) packaging is quite amazing. The process of opening the package is even a small game. The package looks like a simple cylinder, but a hidden organ. Pull the base open and rotate it vigorously. The products in the package will come out with the small fireworks, which is quite attractive to children. The unique packaging design gives this collection an extra appeal.

This is a high-end box designed for limited edition fashion dolls. The openwork design of the upper head alone gives a beautiful enjoyment. Pick up the pointed lid and the quadrangular cone will slowly unfold like a petal, revealing a limited edition doll in the box, giving people unlimited surprises.


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