The Benefits Of Paper Books

Date:Jul 02, 2018

1.Increase the sense of belonging to actual items will have more sense of belonging

This study from the University of Arizona found that regardless of the age of adult consumers, in terms of ownership, everyone believes that e-books and paper books are very different. “The so-called psychological ownership we study does not necessarily relate to legal possession or legal rights, but people’s perception of what is mine.” Lead author of the study, Associate Professor at the University of Arizona, Sebrina Humm She said that she mainly studies consumer cognition and behavior.

According to Hulme's explanation, psychological attribution feels the influence of three major factors: whether people feel that they can control their own belongings; whether they rely on this property to define who they are; and whether this item can help them gain social support. A sense of belonging. In the context of digital products, it is full of “not actual items”. Such things may be a file shared by our computers, mobile phones or the cloud. They are more biased towards concepts than actual items.

Hulme said that one of the conclusions of their study is that although they are all "books," e-books and paper books are completely different products. E-books are more like a service experience, and they seem to offer a more functional and practical experience. And if you read a physical book, all our senses are involved and you will feel more fulfilling. In addition, many participants said that from the content provided by e-books, their prices are a bit too expensive, because they are not as full of feeling as paper books, "it seems like a little screen flipping, one book has passed" . Helm pointed out that books are one of the earliest interactive objects of children. "The physical book is a very special product. We know that physical books are of great significance to many people."

2.Helps sleep, electronics makes you sleep later

The benefits of paper-based books are not only the sense of fulfillment and belonging, they are also more beneficial to our health. The study found that watching movies or TV shows on a tablet at night may ruin our sleep and make us feel weary in the morning. But reading books or newspapers at night will not cause this problem.

It is more and more common to use mobile phones, tablet PCs, and e-books in the middle of the night. We are not only being dragged more and more late from sleep time, but also the light of electronic products makes our brains difficult to rest. This light reduces the secretion of melatonin, allowing us to “stay awake” when we should have slept.

In a study at Harvard Medical School, healthy adults aged 25 and under were recruited to participate in experiments, allowing them to use tablet computers for five consecutive nights without restrictions, and to read paper books such as books and newspapers for five additional nights. When participants used a light-emitting tablet, they slept on average for half an hour. Tests showed that the participants had lower melatonin levels, delayed melatonin production, and spent more time falling asleep. Participants said they were not so sleepy at night, but the first hour after waking up in the morning was not so clear.

The results showed that tablets that used artificial light at night caused delays in bedtime, inhibited melatonin secretion, and “weakened” alertness the next day. Reading a newspaper or reading a paper book will not cause this problem.

3.More impressive and more focused on the content of memory

Matthew H. Schnepp is the director of the Visual Learning Lab, a collaborative project between the University of Massachusetts Boston and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In his view, choosing a paper book and an e-book depends on one's preferences. Some people like the feeling, smell and touch of holding classic books in their hands. Many people who love books still like tradition and pay attention to the experience of paper books. Paper books are generally well designed, look and smell very good, and have a more humane feeling.

In addition, several small studies have shown that reading a paper book rather than reading it on an electronic device can be more focused and conducive to memory retention. The Guardian reported on an experiment in Norway where people read a short story in a Kindle or a paper book. Afterwards, they asked questions from participants. Those who read paper books were even more It is possible to remember the love node in the correct order.

“When we read on paper, we can feel with our hands that the pages on the left are getting thicker and thicker and the right ones are getting thinner.” said the research's chief researcher, Anne Mangen of the University of Stavanger, Norway. "Maybe this has helped the reader to some extent, and it has made readers feel that the development and progress of the article is more stable, so that the story can be developed."

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