The Color Of The Gift Box Is Particular

Date:Dec 28, 2018

Picasso said that color is the same as form, and it is inseparable from our emotions. Color is the most expressive artistic language, which can cause consumers to feel different and associate, and produce different emotions. For example, red, warm color, high luminosity, giving people a hot, exciting, passionate, is the most motivating color. Red symbolizes joy, auspiciousness, friendship, and sincerity.

Chinese folk marriages, festivals, welcoming, congratulations, celebrations, occasions with red objects, such as red couplets, double happiness, red light, red candles, red firecrackers, red window grilles. Western countries often use red roses as gifts to show love, friendship, sincerity and beauty. 

Orange has the characteristics of warmth, lightness and warmth. Orange and gold are close, and there is a sense of dignity, dignity and richness. Warm and neutral, with a refined, gentle, and superb connotation.

The brightness is neutral and bright green, with fresh, fresh and vivid life meaning, it also has a sense of peace, security, quietness and intimacy; gold and silver is a brilliant luster, high in luminosity and purity, gold is gold Inherent color, with tough, precious, luxurious characteristics, can express brilliant, bright and beautiful; silver is also shiny, similar to the true color of platinum, silver and gold have precious value beauty, silver brightness, high purity, luster With a quiet, clean, noble, bright, soft, elegant and holy charm.Valentine's gift packaging can be used in warm and romantic colors, showing a deep affection.

Guangzhou Minglai Packaging-Printing-Open-Door-Style Cutomized Wine Gift Box

Among the elements of holiday gift packaging design, color can be said to be the most important factor. People know that color is a visual and objective phenomenon. It does not have emotions, associations and symbolic meanings as physical phenomena. When color acts on human visual organs, it will cause visual physiological stimuli and effects. Trigger people's subtle emotional reactions.

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