The Cost Of custom packaging(2)

Date:May 25, 2018


There are so many box-type structures. Which one do you choose?

The same is the case with a product, the choice of box type structure is different, the price will also have a big deviation, this before the choice of packaging, you need to make a good budget. The cheapest, it should be an ordinary card box or corrugated cardboard box; more expensive, is the gift box, such as Apple mobile phone box or millet phone box, etc., different box-type structure, you need to use different materials to achieve, the cost Not the same.

Therefore, before making an inquiry, you need to be aware of the box structure yourself. Other people can quote it to you. About the box structure, you can search in our shop or Baidu, Alibaba, find your own box type, according to your own needs. Size inquiry, you can get a more accurate quote.

Of course, it is not only the box structure that affects the box structure. 

The impact of the production process of the box on the cost is also relatively large, especially the small-batch production, and the effect of the process on the cost is particularly obvious.

The processes often used are divided into: bronzing, local UV, embossing, and crater. The start-up cost of each process requires approximately 300 yuan. If it is a small batch production or proofing, it will be more of a process. The cost of more than 300 yuan, plus the cost of normal production, is higher.

If it is mass production, about 0.3 yuan per process, one, and more to choose one, more than a part of the cost; Therefore, for small batch production or proofing, the cost performance of special processes is particularly prominent. At present, there are no equipments for proofing or small-batch production of these special processes, several proofing and small batch production, each process requires a machine fee, and the cost is increased evenly for each box.

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