The Cost Of Custom Packaging(1)

Date:May 25, 2018

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Customers often ask: I want to order a batch of boxes, how much is one? This really makes me difficult to answer. There are too many cost factors involved in the packaging. The quantity/material/box structure/printing process/transportation cost for a single batch of customized products does not clearly communicate these issues. . However, whenever I asked these questions one by one, the customers immediately became a bit dizzy. As the saying goes, interlacing is like a mountain. For these issues that have not been carefully considered before consulting, it is impossible to have a systematic concept for a short time.

      Then the customer asked again: My product is a thermos cup. Just make a thermos cup, about how much money. Can you estimate it for me first? I can only answer: The details and process problems have not been confirmed and cannot be quoted accurately. From the customer's standpoint, I understand it in his eagerness. Strictly speaking, if the details of the process are not clearly communicated, it is irresponsible to quote immediately. Because the quoted price may be several times.

      For example: thousands of batches, do an ordinary corrugated box packaging, may be about 1 yuan; dozens of small batches of pilot production, do a gift box packaging, may be tens of dollars, the most important, ordinary customers, the box Type and craft, and there is no accurate concept, this price reported out, they thought it was a joke.

      Faced with e-commerce friends who do not regularly customize the packaging, in the end how to quickly inquire and choose the right packaging solution, in the later period, I will brief you on this issue one by one.

There are two choices when purchasing a box, one is custom, and the other is purchase spot. Customized, is in accordance with the size of your product needs, what specifications, to customize what specifications, what styles need to be customized on what style, what needs printing content, what to print, is completely personalized production; buy the spot, is the seller in advance Lots of packaging boxes are available, waiting for everyone to buy them, but whether the specifications and printed pictures are suitable for buyers requires buyers to make their own judgments. Buying in small quantities, the spot is certainly cheaper than custom-made, this needless to say, you understand.

Customized, the number of the impact on prices, in the end how much?

Printing requires a starting fee of approximately 300-600 yuan; a die set is expected to be 100-300 yuan; a beer machine starts with an estimated cost of 60 yuan; pit / film / adhesive are required by the process, all go once , Expected 200-500 yuan; There are the biggest cost, the design of the early box structure, the design of the printed picture, and sometimes a communication before and after, on the 3-5 days or more; if you want to add special techniques, such as gold foil / local UV / Ji convex, start-up costs for each process, the minimum of 300 yuan; all the normal completion of the process, but also need to have someone with a single coordination, but also need to be included in the cost.

In this way, an ordinary color printing box, even if the cost of raw materials does not account, the minimum needs more than 1,000 yuan, whether you are doing 100 or 300, the cost of more than 1,000, must be flattened, otherwise the seller must be a loss Does a seller take the initiative to lose money?

Therefore, custom 100 color box, may be more than 10 yuan; customized 1000 color box, may be 1 yuan more than one; custom 10000, may be a few cents a.

Ask the seller directly, how much this one box is, can not answer, there are answers, but also inaccurate quotes, and finally because of the quantity problem, can not be completed at the agreed price. Inquiry, plus the exact order quantity, is a must!

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