The Development Of Packaging Design Art

Date:Jul 25, 2018

Modern packaging design is in a booming stage, and more and more economies and cultures need packaging to communicate and perform. As a form of communication between all commercial products and consumers, packaging plays an increasingly important role in life. The novelty, artisticity, aesthetics, and practicality of packaging design directly lead to the speed of commodity circulation.

According to data from Internet access, market research, and literature, modern people have excess material life and are slowly turning to spiritual life. Therefore, the design elements in the packaging are becoming more and more important. However, as the market economy acts on packaging, the form of packaging design begins to be complex and diverse, and the drawbacks of the complex appearance and the incompatibility of the application become more and more prominent. Therefore, the design concept should be re-planned, “utility is the mainstay, and beautification is the supplement”.

The meaning of the art of packaging design. Packaging design is a landscaping and portable packaging form for the ready-made goods with the designer's aesthetic vision.

The characteristics of packaging design art. The packaging design can beautify the goods, make the goods portable and practical, and at the same time have a certain aesthetic appearance, evoke the consumer's desire to purchase, so as to achieve the role of promotional goods.

The development of packaging design art. Packaging design is slowly developed along with the development of human civilization, representing a history of the development of human arts and crafts, which is roughly divided into these periods:

(1)The embryonic period of packaging design art: the primitive society is the bud period, in which the appearance of pottery represents the highest packaging level of the primitive society. A variety of food, water containers are not only functionally simple, practical, but also artistic in style. Among them, the human face fish-painted pottery pot is the most representative, and the geometric pattern has been used ever since.

(2)The development period of packaging design art: capitalism and socialism are the development stages of packaging. The development of the industrial revolution has made the production of handicrafts begin to enter mechanized production, thus creating a new discipline of "industrial design", and packaging design is an important part of it. Among them, the establishment of the Bauhaus Institute in 1919, the slogan of "the combination of art and technology" has had a profound impact on modern design, including packaging design. Modern industry and market economy have promoted the rapid development of packaging design. Among them, there is a big improvement from the packaging materials, form, shape, color, and graphics.

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