The Development Trend Of Wine Gift Box Design

Date:May 07, 2019

The combination of tradition and modernity, combining nationality and internationality, is one of the important features of excellent packaging design. 

This is also confirmed by examples of excellent packaging design at home and abroad. In modern packaging design, we must not only pay attention to the national culture of the country, but also take into account the characteristics of the times and the national culture that is sold to the region, in order to design excellent packaging.

The packaging design of wine gift box is a very characteristic form of modern social culture. It is both a part of traditional culture and a material carrier of culture. Tradition refers to the thought, culture, morality, style, art, system, and behavioral methods that have been passed down from history, and national culture is a very important part of traditional culture.

Modern packaging design can be recognized by the world if it has national characteristics.

The packaging design of the wine gift box not only maintains the traditional characteristics and individuality of the nation, but also conforms to the aesthetic psychology of different countries and different nationalities. 

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Therefore, in the practical application of these traditional folk elements, it should not be satisfied with the simple use, but should be based on the absorption of its expression techniques and modeling characteristics, combined with the characteristics of the goods, into the modern atmosphere, so that the design has both National characteristics and sense of the times.

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