The Difference Between Greaseproof Paper Bag And Ordinary One

Date:Jun 24, 2019

The paper package is 1.5 times stronger than the general oil-proof paper bag. The package is reasonably sized and sturdy. 

For example, the bottom bag is placed in a trapezoidal shape, and each layer is independently bonded and then made stronger.

A bag of four-layer stretch oil-proof paper bag filled with 25 kg of heavy flour, falling freely 10 times at a height of 1.2 meters, still not broken.

The paper itself is hygroscopic, absorbs the residual moisture in the grain, and can be used to prevent the food from getting wet due to the humid environment. 

Together, the greaseproof paper bag is better sealed than the bag. Under the same conditions, the shelf life can be extended by two to three months.

White greaseproof paper bags customized Logo as used by food outlets

With the advancement and development of modern packaging technology, the demand for food packaging is also increasing. 

In order to reduce the loss of food during storage, transportation and sale, a new multi-layer paper grain packaging bag has been tested for domestic and export flour and starch product packaging.

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