The Difference Between Loose-leaf Notebook And Ordinary Notebook

Date:Jun 21, 2018

Loose-leaf notebook is also called loose-leaf notebook. Specially designed loose-leaf notebooks can also be called efficiency manuals.

A loose-leaf notebook is one of the most commonly used stationery items for daily work and study and consists of a cover, a binder, or a coil or paper. The biggest difference from the ordinary notepad is that the loose-leaf notebook is more flexible to use, and the paper can be disassembled, replaced, or combined in any combination to facilitate sorting. The user can also DIY according to his preferences.

A loose-leaf notebook can be used for notes, notes, drafts, etc.

Cover of loose-leaf notebook:

The cover of the loose-leaf notebook has a variety of textures, including leather, imitation leather, imported color-changing leather, PU leather, artificial leather, PVC, Oxford cloth, canvas, nylon cloth, framed cloth, binding paper, specialty paper, coated paper, and the like. Loose-leaf notebook bulk customization can embody humanized design, cover can be affixed with bronzing, hot silver, multi-color aluminum, silk screen, leather color printing, four-color offset printing, embroidery, laser engraving, metal nameplate and other forms of LOGO.

Just like ordinary notepads, the covers of loose-leaf notebooks can also be printed with a variety of exquisite designs and slogans. Colorful and colorful covers are also one of the factors that people love about loose-leaf notebooks.


Binder is used to fix the paper clip, mainly in the shape of a circle, mostly metal or plastic products, generally fixed by two rivets on the cover. When the paper is removed, you only need to gently open the binder. Folder is a highlight of the loose-leaf notebook, beautiful binder is favored by many people.

Binder is divided into a variety of holes, mainly based on the size of loose-leaf notebook to determine the number of holes to use the binder. The most common binder is divided into 6 holes, 9 holes, 20 holes, 26 holes and so on.

Due to the difference in texture, the color of the binder is also different. There are common white plastic binders and silver metal binders. At present, only a few companies in China produce unique golden binders.

Loose-leaf notepad paper:

The loose-leaf notebook's paper is generally based on writing paper. It is mostly made of high-quality beige woodliner paper and white double-tape paper. This kind of paper is smooth in writing, protects eyesight, and the paper is crisp, durable, and easy to tear off. Study, office, etc.

The loose-leaf notebook paper is marked with a round hole on one side. According to the number of holes in the binder, the number of loose-leaf pages corresponding to the number of holes is used. Users who like DIY can also punch by themselves to meet their different needs.

Loose-leaf notebook size:

The size of the loose-leaf notebook is various. Commonly used sizes are A5, B5, A4, B6, and so on. The different sizes of loose-leaf notebooks meet the needs of different types of users. Small loose-leaf notebooks can be carried in pockets. Just like a scratch pad, you can easily tear off one of the pages.

Loose-leaf notebook style:

The style of loose-leaf notebook is rich and varied. There are buckles, buckles, and buckles. Rich styles add a lot of color to loose-leaf notebooks.

An important reason why many people like loose-leaf notebooks is that loose-leaf notebooks can be handmade by themselves. This requires the use of some accessories, such as printers, to print loose-leaf pages in different formats, punchers, and paper cutters. Clips and so on.

The difference between loose-leaf notebook and regular notebook:

1.The loose-leaf notebook has a binder and is firm and reliable. It can be repeated. The ordinary loose-leaf notebooks are mostly rubber-bound or line-bound, and they will fall off after being turned over many times.

2.A loose-leaf notebook can tear off one of the pages, while a plain-leaf notebook tears down a page and may destroy the structure and use of the entire book.

3.The loose-leaf notebook is flexible and can be disassembled, replaced, or combined to satisfy the user's DIY preferences. The ordinary notebook cannot replace the paper.

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