The Flower Gift Box-- Give Her Your Heart

Date:May 15, 2017

The Flower Gift Box-- Give Her Your Heart


Guangzhou Minglai Packaging specialized in custom kinds of gift paper box, of course the flower gift box, for packaging the flowers, bouquet and gifts for selling& delivery& shipping, widely used for flower shop, online store, flower boutique etc.


Here introduce you the popular styles of flower box:


1. Round/Tube Box


a.For multiple roses packaging& delivery(usually with a handle),any size& color printing is feasible according to customer actual demand.

tube flower box.png



b.For single rose gift packaging, usual the luxury preserved fresh flower gifts.

luxury round flower gift box.png





2. Cube/Square Box


For multiple roses gift packaging, can with a handle for easy carry or without handle.

    cube flower box.png



3. Long Rectangular Box



a.For the flower in different length stem, top and base style box


        Long Rectangular Box flower delivery box (2).png



b.For the flower in different length stem, book style box(closure with ribbon)


          flower delivery gift box.png


c.For the flower in different length stem, suitcase style box(with a handle for carry)


            flower delivery boxes..png



4. Flip Top Box


                flip top luxury flower gift box.png  


5. Other Style Box


a. For delicate gifts


            delicated flower gift box.png


b. For delivery


             cheap flower delivery box.png

            cheap flower delivery box..png






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