The Functional Concept Of Paper Gift Box Design

Date:Sep 18, 2018

As our environmental awareness continues to deepen and people continue to promote thrift, paper gift boxes appear as environmentally friendly packaging materials in our packaging market. Under the requirements of the new era, there are different requirements and concepts for the design of paper gift box packaging.

The concept of environmental protection and the awareness of environmental protection in modern society have become the consensus of most countries in the world. Under the trend of ecological environmental protection, only the packaging design of goods that does not pollute the environment and does not harm human health may become the ultimate choice for consumers. Especially in food packaging, we should pay more attention to green packaging.

Art concept, excellent paper gift box packaging design should also have perfect artistic. Packaging is an art that directly landscaping goods. Products that are beautifully packaged and have high artistic value are more likely to jump out of a large pile of goods, giving people a beautiful enjoyment, thus winning the favor of consumers.


The concept of visual communication, the essential feature of visual communication is simple and clear. Excessively modified content will only cause mutual interference, making the paper gift box packaging theme difficult to highlight, not only affecting visual impact, but also misleading consumers' thinking. According to the law of visual communication, in the process of product packaging design, the visual elements should be removed as much as possible, and the visual theme should be strengthened to find the most creative and expressive visual communication.

The concept of humanization, excellent paper gift box design must be adapted to the storage, transportation, exhibition and merchandise of consumers and the carrying and opening of consumers. To this end, in the packaging design of the product, the proportion of the box structure must be reasonable, the structure is rigorous, and the shape is exquisite. The shape and material of the box type are beautiful, the contrast and coordination are beautiful, the rhythm and the rhythm are beautiful, and the function of the box structure is sought. It is complete and exquisite in appearance, so it can be adapted to production, sales and even use. Common commodity packaging structures are mainly portable, hanging, open, windowed, closed or a combination of several forms.

For the modern goods and gift packaging industry, paper gift box packaging has been favored by more and more people for its environmental protection and practical performance. For the related design concepts of paper gift boxes, we need to identify according to different aspects and specific requirements, and try to design products that meet the needs in the design process, so as to ensure the performance of paper gift boxes is recognized by consumers.

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