The Gift Box Can Identify Authenticity Of Product

Date:Apr 25, 2019

On the mobile phone, there are some softwares that can check some brand-name shoes. When you come to the software, you only need to send the shoes and the shoe box to the professional to verify it.

Now the box as a packaging product can also be used as an effective method to verify the authenticity. The gift box factory has printed a lot of anti-counterfeiting methods, which can effectively identify the authenticity of the packaging, especially for high-end gift box packaging.

Ink technology can identify the authenticity, but the effect of each technology is also different.

Nowadays, screen printing does not have anti-counterfeiting effect. If you use this method, you should carefully observe other places to prevent buying fakes. This method consumes a lot of energy. These graphic points are irregular in order. Arranged, so the printed products are not very similar.

Some kinds of packaging can often use a laser technology, which can make five or six colors on the carton, and also has a good three-dimensional and layered image, the image is also very vivid, the picture gives one A kind of ethereal feeling, rich in color and changeable, no matter which angle to observe, it has a very good decorative effect.

There is also information on the high-end gift box, which can also be used to judge the true and false. Now the gift box also has many crafts, such as bronzing, UV, glue, etc. It is also more complicated. If the high-end products use some complicated crafts, the cost is high. 

If the high-end gift box is packaged, the cost of the product will generally not be refined and the packaging will be imitated, so the process of the packaging box is also an effective way to identify the authenticity.

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