The Importance Of Color Application To Product Packaging Design

Date:May 08, 2018

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When we are shopping in a mall, colorful products always attract our attention quickly because it is unique in many products. It seems that the use of color is very important for product packaging design. The use of color is good and the product will soon stand out. Let's take a look at the specifics below.


When designing product packaging, color techniques should be noted from the following points: First, the relationship between color and packaging; and second, the contrast between color and color. These two points are the key to the use of color.



(A)    The care of color and packaging


Then, where do we talk about the relationship between color and packaging? It is mainly through the external packaging color that we can reveal or reflect the inner packaging. It allows people to basically perceive or think of what the inner package is.


For this question, I have mentioned it many times in the past articles, but if we can come to the store to get a look at the goods, many products do not reflect this relationship. So that consumers can not think of what to pack things from the table and inside. Of course, there is no positive sales promotion for the sales of products. The normal external packaging color should grasp this same characteristic to varying degrees;


From the industry's advancement, the normal color of food packaging is expressed in its main colors of yellow and pink to give people warmth and closeness. Of course, many of them use green tea, and there are many beverages, green and blue, and there are a lot of reds for liquors and pastries, and a lot of rose color for children's foods. Daily cosmetics use normal colors. The main colors are mostly rosy, pink, light green, light blue, dark brown, to highlight the warm and elegant feeling, clothing and shoes and hats are mostly dark green, dark blue, brown or gray, to highlight the calm Heavy and elegant beauty.


(B)    the contrast between color and color


Besides, the contrast between color and color. This is the easiest thing to do in many commodity packaging designs but it is very difficult to grasp. In the design from the master, the wound effect of the package is snow white, otherwise, is the lower Riba. In Chinese calligraphy and painting, such a saying is often popular. It is airtight and sparse. In fact, it is a kind of contrast relationship.

In the packaging design, this contrast is very obvious and very common. These so-called comparisons generally have the following contrasts: the contrast between the use of colors, the contrast of the use of colors, the point-to-point ratio of the use of colors, the simplification of the use of colors, the contrast between the use of colors and the contrast of colors, and the contrast of colors. Contrast and so on.


Because the color has special significance for product packaging design, we need to pay attention to the choice of colors in the packaging of the design products. Carefully, the product packaging effect may be different. A good designer must have his own unique understanding and application in color.

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