The Main Constituent Elements Of The Gift Box Packaging Design

Date:Nov 29, 2018

The constituent elements of the gift box packaging design are mainly considered from the aspects of the pattern on the packaging, the color matching of the packaging, the selection of the material, etc. The gift box packaging design belongs to the boutique design and pays great attention to the visual effect and quality. It can be considered from the following aspects:

Packaging pattern design: The shape of a gift box packaging design, in addition to the shape of the product in the eyes of consumers, will pay special attention to the design of the pattern of the gift box packaging, the design of the gift box packaging is just like the picture in the advertising, its importance It is undeniable;

Perfume Box

1.Product label design: The label of the product is generally printed with the contents of the package and the main ingredients contained in the product;

2.Packaging color matching: The color matching of gift box packaging design can be said to be the main component of packaging. Consumers pay great attention to the color matching of gift box packaging. The color matching of gift box is a combination of outstanding product characteristics, which can strengthen brand characteristics and have a certain call. force;

3.The packaging design of the gift box must be developed in a beautiful and practical direction in the future development. Therefore, the design of the pattern and color must be based on the actual situation of the product to make the packaging design that is most suitable for the product characteristics.

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