The Main Cost Structure Of The Packaging Box

Date:Nov 05, 2018

In today's fierce market competition, cost control is becoming more and more important. Packing boxes are no exception. Whether it is the color box packaging of low-end and high-end products. Both face a problem of controlling costs. After all, the cost saved is pure profit.In general, it is a point: the right product positioning + the right packaging material + the right process. Referred to as the "three-in principle". Let's talk about several cost components of the packaging box.

Paper: There are many types of paper. The price of different papers varies naturally. The same quality & gsm of different brand paper, the price is not the same.

Surface treatment: film, oil polishing, UV, bronzing, embossing, embossing, etc.

Process structure: hardcover box, card box, pit box, etc.


In addition to the above aspects, the cost factor is also related to the complexity of the process, the number of specific color boxes and the number of specific each. Guests can actively cooperate with the manufacturer according to their own needs, in order to control the cost, in order to maximize the benefits, and naturally achieve a win-win effect.

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