The Main Points Of Gift Box Making

Date:May 15, 2019

The gift box with thick paper wrapping is easy to foam after being pulled out, and it looks dull, while the thin one is practical. The general gift box wrapping paper uses double copper or matte copper paper. 

In the specific production process, the manufacturer should according to the needs of customers, paper is selected to meet market demand.

Gift box design must personality:

The hardcover gift box market is highly competitive. Personalized gift boxes can attract consumers' attention and sell well in the market. 

Therefore, Hunan packaging gift boxes are customized in the process of making gift boxes. Plate making should enhance its particularity in terms of color and style.

Gift box printing surface treatment process must be superb:

The printing process of the gift box is very demanding, and there should be no color difference, ink dot, bad print, etc. during the printing process, which will affect the sales of the gift box. 

The printing factory should improve the production process of hardcover gift box printing and improve the quality of gift boxes.

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Gift packaging before delivery:

After the packaging of the gift box, the packaging after the delivery, whether to use the carton packaging or the paper bag directly, to ensure that the gift box will not be contaminated in the past.

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