The Main Purpose And Basic Functions Of Product Packaging

Date:Sep 07, 2018

Introducing goods: By means of the elements on the packaging, consumers are made aware of the content, brand and product name of the product.

Indicative: The shelf life of the product, the nutrition table, the barcode, the load-bearing restrictions, the environmental protection label, etc., must be clearly marked according to the regulations.

Communication: In order to enhance the corporate image, some companies will attach some care messages to the packaging, and seek children's or positive advocacy messages to create positive interaction with consumers.

Occupy shelf position: The final battlefield of the goods is in the store. Whether it is a store shelf or a vending machine, how to create a better visual space with competitive brands is a consideration in packaging design.


Activating and stimulating the desire to buy: The combination of packaging design and advertising enables consumers to remember the goods and stand out from the variety of goods on the shelves.

Self-selling: Commercial packaging is the most contacted package for consumers. Now there is no sales promotion or recommended sales behavior in the store, but direct communication with consumers through packaging, so a good packaging design. The product information must be provided to the consumer, and the consumer can see at a glance at a distance of 60 cm (normal hand length) and 3 seconds of quick browsing, "I am what you need!" Design allows products to easily reach their own sales.

Promotion: In order to clearly inform the product promotion message, the package must sometimes be redesigned with the promotion content, such as increment, discount, price reduction, buy one get one free, give gifts and other promotional content.

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