The Origin Of The Design Of The Tray Carton Structure

Date:Oct 19, 2018

The carton is the most important and most basic type of carton structure in the basic folding carton. It is produced in large quantities in astronomical quantities every year in the world. Most food, medicine, toys and daily necessities are packed. A tubular carton structure that is simple in structure, easy to produce, and printed is selected.

The structural feature of the tubular carton is that the façades of the box body are folded from one body, the two ends are bonded, the top of the box is opened, and the bottom of the box can be opened or locked. That is, the most common flat structure diagrams of the tubular carton, the upper and lower cover parts of each structural drawing are different, from top to bottom, respectively, the international standard reverse insertion type carton, the automatic locking bottom carton, the standard automatic bottom Tray.

These types of cartons have the same façade and top structure. The top and bottom male and female latches can be changed slightly to create other types of latching structures, which are common in the product packaging cartons, from top to bottom. Male and female locks, friction buckles, latch-type locks, hang buckles, etc. The combination of different top and bottom structures allows the carton packaging design to be versatile and versatile.

As the simplest tubular carton and the international standard reverse-inserted carton, the French reverse-inserted carton, straight, and aircraft can be changed under the condition that the upper and lower cover structures are unchanged. The structure, in which the straight paper box is rotated counterclockwise by ninety degrees, can be regarded as a simple type of disc tray, the upper and lower covers of the straight type carton become the side façade of the disc tray, and the tongue becomes The dustproof wing of the disc tray has a façade connecting the upper and lower covers, which becomes the bottom surface of the disc tray, and the opposite surface becomes the top surface of the disc tray, and the adhesive cymbals of the straight cassette Can evolve into a tongue of a disc tray;In order to increase the stability of the box body, the support flap inside the side façade of the tray type carton is changed to a shackle structure, and the corresponding part of the straight type carton structure is a dustproof wing.

It can be seen that the tray can basically be regarded as evolved from a straight-type cartridge, specifically, it should be evolved from the simplest and most basic international standard reverse-inserted tray, the tray It is related to the cartridge carton and its structure is essentially the same.

The compact disc tray is often used in the packaging of traditional foods and snacks. On the basis of its structure, the front cover and the tongue are added, the top surface is pressed (the dustproof wing) and the side façade is pressed. After the fin structure and the like, and the hooks on the support fins that are no longer necessary structures are removed, this is a common type of disc tray which is widely used in the fields of IT and e-commerce, and is relatively common and popular.

From the relationship deconstruction between the tray and the carton, we can clearly see the design of the tray, on the basis of adding or subtracting some structural components, and can also derive more disc paper Box structure.

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