The Phone Case Packaging You Are Looking For Is Here

Date:Jul 20, 2018

These mobile phone case packaging has made a classification: card box class; pit box class; carton class; wooden box class;plastic box class.

Card box mobile phone case packaging

The cassette is of course the lowest cost option, and the window + box with hanging holes is perfect for the store. The disadvantage of the card box is that it is not suitable for e-commerce, and an additional set of outer box is required for express delivery.

Corrugated carton mobile phone case packaging

The kraft paper-style corrugated carton is very suitable for the outer packaging of digital products. E-commerce is very popular with such mobile phone case packaging, because it is the best choice for sales packaging and logistics packaging. It is good-looking, practical and inexpensive.

Gift box mobile phone case packaging

For a good shopping experience, mobile phone shell manufacturers have done a good job in packaging, reducing the cost of books and boxes to the extreme.



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