The Process Of Opening The V-groove Of The Mobile Phone Case

Date:Mar 08, 2019

At present, many electronic product packaging boxes on the market are designed with a V-groove-based packaging box. The V-groove is not a high-tech process, but it is also a test of the craftsmanship of the packaging factory. Take a look at the ordinary V-slot mobile phone box and examine the skills of the master in the mobile phone box factory.

The ability to pick up paper, many consumers may see the electronic paper box with the internal support, but if there is no internal support, or the inner support can be freely disassembled, the inside of the V-groove can be very clear if there is no paper. 

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Seeing the traces of the Die-cutting, a deep black trace is at the bottom of the box, which greatly affects the consumer's perception experience, so you need to lick the paper to block the black line, but this black line is not a file. If you can block it, you need a piece of paper to leave a trace of the paper on the trace of the box. This project can't be too dead. It is a very technical test to be as flat as possible.

For the imposition ability of the die, one die is good enough to affect the control of the black line gap on the first point of the stencil. A perfect imposition die can make the black line inside the box after molding. 

Almost flat, making the paper more simple, but a bad imposition and die, will make the box into a lift, it is likely to cause the tear to break, and then the outside can see the feeling of strong, It is a very inferior feeling, so many mobile phone box factories have very high requirements for the masters of imposition die cutters. 

Imposition is the cornerstone that affects the production of machinery. If this cornerstone has a problem, the high-rise buildings and large batches of goods are all made problematic.

 Customized plastic mobile phone case packaging / cell phone case packaging box / iphone case packaging box

These two points are the biggest difficulty for the manufacturer of the V-slot box for the mobile phone box factory. Not all V-grooves can be opened to perfection, but at the very least, the crepe paper can cover the internal black line. The problem, the outside can not see the problem is a qualified V-slot mold opener.

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