The Question Of The Cost Of Packing The Box

Date:Sep 12, 2018

How much is the box of jewelry? How many boxes are there for mobile phones? How much is a moon cake box?

Frequently, customers ask questions like this. Today, I will talk to you about the first problem that affects the packaging box. It is also the biggest problem that affects the price of the packaging box.

There are two options for buying a box, one is made to order, the other is to buy the spot. Customized, is to meet the size of your product, what specifications are required, what specifications are customized, what styles are needed, what styles are customized, what printing content is needed, what is printed, completely personalized production; Packing boxes in batches, waiting for everyone to buy, but the specifications and printed pictures, whether it is suitable for buyers, you need to judge yourself. Small wholesale, the spot is definitely cheaper than the custom, this needless to say, you understand.

Customized, how much is the impact of quantity on price?

Printing requires a starting fee of about 300-600 yuan; a set of die is expected to be 100-300 yuan; a starting price for a beer machine is expected to be 60 yuan; craters/film/bonding are all required to go through the process. It is estimated to be 200-500 yuan; there is also the biggest cost, the design of the box structure in the early stage, the design of the printed picture, sometimes the communication is 3-5 days or more; if special techniques such as bronzing/partial UV are added / Excitation, the starting fee for each process, the minimum of 300 yuan; all the process is completed normally, you need to have a person to coordinate with the order, but also need to be included in the cost.

In this way, an ordinary color printing gift box, even if the cost of raw materials is not counted, the minimum needs more than 1,000 yuan, whether you are doing 100 or 300, the cost of more than 1000, must be flat, otherwise the seller must Loss, there will be sellers will take the initiative to make losses, so, custom 100 color box, may be more than 10 yuan; custom 1000 color box, may be more than 1 yuan; custom 10000, maybe a few cents a.

Ask the seller directly, how much this color box can't be answered, there is an answer, and it is also an inaccurate quotation. Finally, due to the quantity problem, the order cannot be completed at the agreed price. Inquiry, plus the exact order quantity, is a must! Therefore, the seller is best to tell us the needs of our customer service, the more detailed the better, the more detailed the quotation is more accurate and more favorable! Thank you!

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