The Relationship Between Carton Packaging Hardness And Carton

Date:Apr 03, 2018

China's carton packaging industry is also struggling to maintain the international status of the manufacturing industry under the increasingly fierce international competition and continuous development conditions, while arduously struggling to become a manufacturing power.

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First, the general three-layer carton, the thickness of the paper is about 3.5 millimeters, the five-layer carton is about seven millimeters, so you must first measure the length, width and height of your actual item. Then add the thickness of the carton. Is the size of the carton carton, carton factory default is the size of the carton. Outer box size design: The general design is that the width data is the smallest material. Therefore, according to the condition of your own goods, you must tell the carton factory. The size you say is the size of the outer box or the size of the inner box.

Second, according to the weight of their own goods, and their own cost situation, a reasonable choice of carton material, the carton is made of cardboard, so we need to understand the concept of cardboard, our ordinary carton is made of corrugated cardboard, corrugated Cardboard paper, paper corrugated paper, material quality is generally related to the weight per square meter, the heavier the weight per square meter, the better the quality, the general carton paper from the appearance of smooth, feel the hardness of about Identify the paper, the entire market will not be too much difference in paper.

The cartons are then classified according to the type: carton thickness is generally three, five, seven, nine. The thickness of three layers is about 0.3mm, the thickness of five layers is about seven mm, and the thickness of seven layers is about nine mm. The three floors are also called single pits, and the five floors are also called double pits. The hardened carton thickness is also the same, only the hardness.

In the end, under normal circumstances, the greater the printed surface area, the higher the cost. Of course, it also depends on the number of colors. Once the carton is printed, it cannot be modified. So be sure to check the contents of the print with the carton manufacturer many times. Some minor mistakes can be covered with stickers or warm water stickers that are almost the same as the exterior color of the carton, but they are not aesthetically pleasing. The most accurate printing materials are provided as far as possible, and the carton manufacturers are supervised to strictly follow the requirements.

If the intention of cooperation with the carton manufacturers is determined, and the quoted paper quality and cooperation method reach a consensus, the carton factory may be required to provide the sample box. The carton template is generally not printed, mainly to determine the paper quality, size and process quality.

There is a minimum order quantity problem for carton factories. The minimum order quantity is 30 square meters. There are differences between different carton factory MOQs. It is generally advisable to make more cartons at a time. The less you book, the more expensive the price will be.

Carton hardness: as long as it is continuous rainy or wet days, even if the original hard carton will become soft, carton color: the color of all carton board is unlikely to be the same color as the last one hundred percent, if the color requirements are particularly high, Must be liaised with the carton manufacturer.

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