The Role And Classification Of Wine Boxes

Date:Apr 18, 2019

In recent years, with the increasing taste of domestic people, the sales prospects of red wine are very good. But wine has such a performance not only because red wine is really delicious, but also because of the packaging of red wine. 

As the outer packaging of red wine - the role of the wine box can not be ignored, it promoted the sales of red wine to some extent.

Nowadays, many wine companies specialize in packaging design for their own wine brands. Obviously everyone is aware of the importance of custom packaging of wine boxes to the future development of red wine.

The role of the wine box:

1.It is more attractive or commercial value to dress up and beautify the image, and packaging can also confuse people's eyes;

2.Realizing the value of goods and the value of use, and is a means of increasing the value of goods;

3.Beautifying goods and attracting customers is conducive to promotion;

4.Facilitate the storage, transportation, adjustment and sales of circulation links, such as loading, unloading, inventory, palletizing, delivery, receiving, transshipment, sales counting, etc.

5.Protect goods from natural factors such as sun, wind, rain, dust, etc., and prevent loss of volatilization, leakage, melting, contamination, collision, and extrusion;

MDF board Luxury Hand-made Cardboard Rigid Wine Packaging Box

Types of wine boxes

  1. Carton packaging (mostly cardboard, cardboard, corrugated, gray, etc.)

  2. MDF wooden box (mainly painted wooden box, sticker wooden box, leather wooden box, wooden box, PVC wooden box, etc.)

  3. Cortic wine box (mostly made of PU, PVC, etc., the style is divided into single or multi-pack.)

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