The Status Of Gift Boxes Continues To Increase

Date:Sep 14, 2018

Nowadays, there are more and more kinds of gifts, and the grades are getting higher and higher. A beautiful gift with high-end packaging plays a very important role in your attack. Not only reflects your personal taste. It also expresses your respect for the guests.

Gift box market space is very large, such as: "moon cake box", "tea box", "wine box", "shirt box", "underwear box", "tie box", "shoe box", "mobile phone box ", "video box", "hardcover cigarette case" and so on. Involved in the fields of cosmetics, jewellery, cigarettes, medicines and health care, mobile phones, etc. Gift boxes currently use folding cartons, cartons, PVC, MDF and other raw materials. 


Currently, the most preferred paperboard materials are the best. According to the current national policy-oriented requirements, energy-saving and environmental protection and development of energy-saving and environmentally-friendly enterprises are important for a long period of time in the future. The task is one of the main materials for future gift box packaging due to the environmentally friendly and recyclable requirements of cardboard materials.

At present, the gift box designs on the market have emerged in an endless stream, and the design of the models continues to evolve. The gift boxes of various forms not only meet the requirements of improving product quality, but also meet the needs of consumers, and also greatly promote the products. In addition to the domestic gift box manufacturers, 90% of the gift boxes are made by hand. Most of the gift box enterprises are still labor-intensive, which rely on hand-made production. Most of them are small in scale and industrialized. In the case of unstable product quality, enterprises are facing or are about to face new problems, and there are some factors such as higher employment costs, increasing rents and expenses, which affect the development of gift box manufacturers. This is undoubtedly difficult for enterprises to become bigger and stronger. 


At present, some domestic machinery companies have gradually introduced semi-automatic and fully automatic machines suitable for gift box enterprises, which can basically replace all or part of artificial box production. It can achieve more than 5 times efficiency, which is undoubtedly a major benefit for gift box enterprises. It is the only way to develop gift box enterprises by insisting on replacing manual production with machine equipment, improving product production efficiency, reducing labor costs and expanding enterprise scale.

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