The 'Triady Principle' Of Box Printing And Packaging

Date:Jun 27, 2018

The "triple principle" of box printing and packaging refers to that "triple"? Sanhe refers to: proper product positioning + proper packaging material + suitable process. Referred to as the "triad principle."

Outer packaging, as its name implies, mainly considers the selection of materials from three aspects: the perspective of protecting products, the perspective of improving product marketing power, and the perspective of cost savings;

Appropriate product positioning: A color box printing and packaging products in the design of the time when they want to design what type of print content, how to display the product selling point, the product's marketing content if displayed, the display of color and color box printing and packaging printing effect Whether to achieve the purpose of attracting customers. In particular, the box type of the outer packaging of the product is also designed together. Can facilitate the post-proof proofing work.

Suitable packaging material: to see the nature of the product is selected material. The right material guarantees that the color box printing and packaging can better show the selling point of the product and highlight the selling point of the product.

Appropriate process: This is just a special color and surface treatment method for color box packaging printing. Some products specialize in branding, may need to highlight the brand, in the color box packaging printing above the statement on the spot color, more prominent than the 4C LOGO. Or in the color box packaging printing to do some bronzing or hot silver effect.

Color box printing and packaging only suitable product positioning + suitable packaging materials + the right process to pack more customers. Win a bigger market.


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