The Use Of Color Elements In Modern Packaging Design

Date:Nov 21, 2017

Consumers in the purchase of goods, the first feeling is color, and then is shaped, in the initial contact with the goods within 20 seconds, the color sense of 80%, 20% sense of shape, the relevant studies have shown that color has pioneering momentum. In the packaging design of goods, graphics and text are dependent on the color coordination, in other words, color is the key to packaging design; as a commercial packaging design, color is more visual impact on the promotion of goods, the desire of consumers to buy Will have a direct impact. The same color will cause people in different regions of different habitual associations, resulting in different, or even opposite feelings of love and hate, so the success of packaging design, to a large extent, also depends on the color of the local customs and aesthetic That is to say, it plays a decisive role in the research and re-application of traditional colors in modern Chinese packaging design. Today, packaging color design has become the public to judge the quality of goods an intuitive clue. Color as a design element in the packaging design can not be ignored.



1 Package color design of the basic characteristics


1.1 the color element is symbolic in modern packaging design

Different colors will have different effects on people's psychology and physiology, resulting in different contagious power. There are subjective feelings of people going to and going from color to color, all kinds of colors stimulate people's vision in varying degrees and act on people's psychology, so that people produce various feelings and associations. This provides packaging designers a broad design basis and a variety of performance techniques. In the packaging design of a color, you can think of the color of goods, taste. For example, in terms of taste, pink, orange and other colors will make people feel sweet, purple, brown people feel bitter, bright red people feel spicy. In body feeling, red, orange, yellow symbol of warmth, blue, purple, blue-green make people feel cold feeling. For example, when we see the products packaged in orange, we think of orange juice drinks, orange cans and other products. When we see the orange juice beverage, it will be reminiscent of an orange color and a sour and sweet feeling. See the white milk ads, let us think of milk and so on. Therefore, designers should have a deep understanding of the symbolic meaning of color, especially in packaging design color should pay attention to retain the image of the product color.


1.2 color elements in the modern packaging design with the popularity and nationality

The visual change of color in psychology is very complicated. It differs according to the age, geography or personal psychology. Various countries and ethnic groups have different color customs due to their social background, economic conditions, living conditions, traditional customs, customs and habits and the natural environment. It can be said that different nations and nations have very different understandings on the meaning of colors. For example, Tibetans use white as the noble color and avoid using light yellow and green. The Manchu people like yellow, purple and blue but avoid using white Wait. Tonal design should take full account of these traditional practices. In order to make the product popular. The Chinese nation is an optimistic nation. When expressing the cultural features of completeness, festivity and harmony, it is good at packaging the main colors with red, yellow-green and gold colors. Yellow is distinguished and bright in the East, while Western Christianity is regarded as a shame. Red sacrifices as a symbol of fighting in the West. Islamists hate yellow and like green,

The Egyptians like blue devil, like green; Paraguay generally like bright colors, but the object of the country's three major political parties of the red, dark blue, green color is very cautious to use; French taboo green carpet, Because of the foliage-tree customs of the country during the funeral. Therefore, we should understand that all countries and regions love and taboo on color, especially in the packaging of color products should pay attention to suit the national conditions. To improve the competitiveness of goods in the international market. The popular color refers to a region in a period of popular colors, is a period of common interest in people, with a tendency of color. To a certain extent, it has a positive guiding role in market consumption. In the international market, especially in some high-consumption markets such as Europe, the United States, Japan and Hong Kong. Popular color sensitivity, greater effect. It should be noted that designers should not blindly pursue fashion, but not rigidly adopt color design. They should change and adjust the needs of people's rhythm and emotion according to the characteristics of the times, such as the international situation, market and economy. To design the perfect color packaging.


1.3 color elements in the modern packaging design has its own characteristics

From the perspective of information, the first application of color packaging to quickly deliver product information, and second, to prevent the market information interference. To this end, in the packaging design, sometimes in order to "shelf impact", you can use the "perverse" special practices. Such as oolong tea box, some people switched to black, in the international market have received good results. Because of dark green, brown filled with tea packaging market, suddenly appeared in a black package, naturally became the visual center, in order to promote the sale of goods.


2  Color elements in China's modern packaging design


Packaging color design, through different color brightness, purity, hue of the organic combination of form a visual image. Gives stimulation and emotional, emotional infection, so as to attract consumers concerned about the packaging of goods, arouse the desire to buy and purchase behavior. The specific design and application of color elements in packaging design need to grasp the following important principles. Only when used properly, can the elements of color be used in their packaging design.

2.1 focus on the color elements in the packaging design of the overall --- successful packaging design key


The effect of packaging design is ultimately reflected by the color. The overall color is reflected in the overall handling of a single package and shelf impact of two aspects. Packaging art design color to be as bright and clean as possible, simple, solid color contrast than the color mixing, color less than the color more eye-catching, can use two sets of color will never use three sets of color. Focus on the integrity of color elements in the packaging design is the key to successful packaging design.

2.2 focus on the striking color elements in the packaging design --- the premise of successful packaging design


To make the product compelling, so that consumers can find or even buy it in a short period of time, it is necessary to strengthen the color visibility in the packaging design, we must pay attention to the eye-catching color elements in the packaging design. Note the use of simple and concise, clear color, high purity color, so that the packaging color more eye-catching, easier to identify. This is a prerequisite for successful package design.


2.3 focus on color elements in the packaging design of the memory --- packaging design basis for success


Facts have proved that eye-catching and bright and attractive, charismatic, competitive colors more easily be found and remembered. Designers in the packaging design with color, first of all to make it simple and concise, monochrome can make the hue uniform, easy to remember; followed by the rational use of hue contrast, brightness contrast and purity contrast, so as to achieve a strong color effect. Moderate contrast can make the color clear, level clear. Both impressive and easy to remember. In addition, the use of primary colors and interstitials can be rationally used to enhance the recognition and memory. Color elements in the packaging design of the memory is packaged into Power foundation.

 2.4  focus on color elements in the packaging design coordination --- an important part of packaging design success


Color needs to be considered from the purpose of the packaging function, pay attention to always use the color aesthetic rules. The main reason for the packaging is packed with color tone. Determine the packaging color, to consider the color image of goods. Sometimes the image of the product determines the packaging of the main colors. According to the packaging of the product content, nature to consider the coordination of packaging colors, packaging properties can not conflict with the nature of the goods.

3 Conclusion


With the highly development of material life modernization, people are getting more and more aesthetic taste of the color of the product packaging. Therefore, designers should master the law of the development of product packaging color, to create a distinctive characteristics of the times the product packaging. In the packaging design should pay attention to the integrity of color elements in the packaging design, pay attention to the eye-catching color elements in the packaging design, pay attention to color elements in the packaging design of memory and focus on color elements in packaging design coordination.

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