Three Carton Packaging Design Principles

Date:Oct 15, 2018

Overall design principle

1.The overall design should meet the consumer's habit of first observing the main decorative surface of the paper packaging when deciding to purchase.

2.Satisfy your own merchandise in the window display, shelf display and other promotional activities, let the main decoration face to face the consumer to give the strongest visual impact.

3.Meet the habit of most consumers opening the lid on the right. Here is a point to show that the right side of the lid refers not to the world box and the display box. Rather, it refers to the book box (not clear to the packaging industry as a flip-top case) and the folding box. It's like the feeling of flipping a book.

Structural design principle

1.The folding carton connector should be attached to the rear panel. In special cases, it can be attached to the end plate that can be bonded to the rear panel. Generally, it should not be connected to the front panel or the end panel that can be bonded to the front panel.

2.The cassette cover should be attached to the rear panel.

3.The main bottom plate of the paper tray should generally be attached to the front panel. Thus, when the consumer looks at the carton package, no visual defects due to the connection or inconvenience of taking the contents by opening the cover back and forth are not observed.

Decoration design principle

1.The main decoration surface is the one that is first displayed to the consumer.

2.The main decorative surface of the carton pack should be designed on the front panel or cover of the carton, with the text and minor patterns on the end or back panel.

3.When the carton package needs to be displayed upright, the decoration surface should consider the position of the upper cover and the bottom cover. The overall figure is the cover plate, the bottom plate is the bottom, and the opening position is at the upper end.

Summarizing these three design principles is to let consumers look at it at a glance, but also let consumers use it.

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