Three Principles Of Folding Carton Design

Date:Nov 12, 2018

Overall design principle

The overall clothing should meet the habit of the consumer to first observe the main decorative surface of the paper packaging (including the main pattern, trademark, brand, three names and the main exhibition surface of the winning logo). Or satisfy the habit of the dealer to face the consumer with the strongest visual impact when performing window display, shelf display and promotion activities. The overall design should satisfy the habit of most consumers opening the lid with their right hand.


Structural design principle

The folding carton connector should be linked to the back panel and, in special cases, can be linked to a cardboard that can be bonded to the back panel, unless it is absolutely necessary to link the cardboard on the front panel that may be bonded to the front panel. The cover should be linked to the rear panel (except for the adhesive closure and the window cover). The main base of the tray should normally be attached to the front panel.

Thus, when the consumer looks at the carton package, no visual defects due to the link are observed or the inconvenience of taking the contents is caused by opening the cover back and forth.

Decoration design principle

The main decorative surface of the packaging carton should be designed on the front or back of the carton (tube box) or cover (disc box) on the cardboard or back panel. When the package carton needs to be displayed upright, the decoration surface should consider the position of the cover plate and the bottom plate. The overall figure is the cover plate and the bottom plate is the bottom (this condition is suitable for the packaging of various bottle types where the contents are not suitable for inversion). The upper end of the position. When the carton package needs to be displayed horizontally, the decoration surface should consider the habit of the consumer opening with the right hand. The overall pattern is top left, the right end is down, and the open position is at the right end.

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