Tissue Paper

Date:Nov 09, 2018

Tissue (copy) paper is a kind of high-grade cultural paper, paper with good flexibility, high whiteness, strong transparency, and very delicate, smooth and smooth is high-grade printing paper.

Most domestic paper mills use imported Russian wood pulp to make copy paper. The wood pulp used is best bleached kraft pulp.In addition to the use of imported wood pulp, bamboo pulp, stalk pulp, wheat straw pulp can also be used. Among them, the strength of the copy paper produced by bamboo pulp is also good, but the whiteness of the paper is low;

The copy paper produced by imported Russian all-wood paddles has good flexibility, high whiteness and strong transparency. It is the best copy paper on the market. Copy paper is widely used in printing, shoe materials, gifts, ceramics, enamel, wine, fruit. , vegetables, glass, bags, crafts and other packaging, hot bags, compartments, it has the effect of moisture and ventilation. Can also be used for printing as packaging paper.

Product specifications are full, weight: 17 grams, conventional: 70 * 100CM, 75 * 105CM, 78 * 108CM special rules can be customized, can reel and flat sheet.

Copy paper is a kind of high-grade cultural industrial paper with high production difficulty. The technical characteristics of this product are: high physical strength, excellent uniformity and transparency, and good surface properties, fine, smooth and smooth. No bubble sand, good printability.

Copy paper, also known as Sydney paper, moisture-proof paper, product strength, high whiteness, is a very important thin packaging paper.

The use of copy paper is very extensive: 1. Clothing, footwear, leather goods, hardware packaging: in the southern market of China, copy paper is mainly used for packaging of clothing, shoes, leather goods, etc. 2. Porcelain, wine, crafts packaging: It has the functions of moisture-proof, breathable, protection and stereotypes. 3. Fruit packaging: Copy paper is an important paper in northern fruit packaging materials. It was mainly used to package Sydney, hence the name Sydney Paper.

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