Toy Packaging

Date:Aug 24, 2018

The environmental protection of packaging is an important means to solve the problem of waste of resources. Any children's toy packaging will inevitably be recycled. Then, you can use the material and shape of the package to make the package a part of the product experience, adding fun and playability. This kind of packaging needs to be combined with the structure and function of the product itself in design. After completing the function of protecting and transporting the product, it can be reused twice and become an additional accessory of the product. For example, it becomes a carrier for product extension functions, and provides game scene building functions. This multi-purpose approach is both low-carbon and environmentally friendly, and is loved by consumers.

Through the rational design to expand the new functions of packaging materials, directly reuse in the hands of consumers, extend the service life of packaging, reduce packaging materials, which is an important direction for the development of product packaging in the future.

The package is used as a carrier for the product extension function. The German toy brand ceremony (NICI) has launched a pet plush series with a carton package in the shape of a pet cabin. This package looks white and has no extra colors. I don't know, this is what makes it unique. Black and white lines are printed on the box, adding new features to the fill. After the completion, it is a personalized color pet house, naturally not willing to throw away.


Packaging is the product to build a game scene. The French toy brand Moulin Roty will pack the mobile fantasy wardrobe and carrying case for the dressing doll. Open and play, close and go. It not only saves packaging materials, but also saves storage space, which is more convenient for consumers.


Use the package as a fitting. The packaging of the Züny leather doll series shown in the picture is from the hands of Taiwanese designers. After the packaging was unfolded, a small world of greenery was created for the dolls, which was placed together to add more affection.


Package as part of the product. This is the most difficult type of packaging design, which needs to be closely integrated with the product design, almost simultaneously. For example, the Tube Toys, designed by British designer Oscar Diaz, is a classic case. The cylinder as the main body of the package is a vehicle body in which various small parts required for assembly are incorporated. After the product is finished, the only thing that will be discarded is the thin wrapper that was originally wrapped in the cylinder. It can be said that the package is the best.

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