Toy Product Packaging

Date:Nov 21, 2018

Packaging safety warning is also an important part of toy safety. It can clearly let consumers understand the precautions and risk warnings needed to purchase products, and escort children from all angles. It is mainly used to tell consumers to know some precautions about the existence of the product, including the age level applicable to the product, the marking requirements for the entrance of each region, the traceability of the product, the risk warning (such as small object warning) and so on.


Product name:

The name of the product should conform to the name of the country, industry, and enterprise standard, and the name that indicates the true property of the product.

Product number:

The model and specifications to be marked on the instructions for use should be consistent with the model on the product.

Product standard number:

The number of standards performed by the product should be indicated on the package, instructions for use or label.

Age range:

The age range of the toy should be indicated on the product packaging, instruction manual and label.

Security Alert:

Toys requiring warning signs or warning instructions should be marked.

Safe use method and assembly drawing:

Structures and methods of use are more complex and difficult to install. Inserting and assembling toys should be used correctly on the instructions or labels.

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