Transparent Sticker Knowledge

Date:Dec 17, 2018

Transparent label sticker printing is the kind of transparent self-adhesive printing that everyone often says. It is widely used in various regions of the country. It is mainly used in the packaging or products of the food industry, packaging industry, machinery and equipment industries. The dry label has good moisture resistance and oil resistance, meets most automated labeling speeds, and is visually pleasing.

Transparent stickers are mainly used to identify the relevant instructions of their products. Most of them are paper labels with self-adhesive function on the back. Some will not be glued at the back of printing. It can also be called For the label.

There are two main raw materials for transparent stickers: one is plastic transparent material, the price of this material is relatively low, and it is generally used on products with low requirements; the other is transparent adhesive of PVC material. The transparency of the material is higher than that of plastic, and it has good tensile properties and is relatively strong.

In terms of printing, self-adhesive labels can also be divided into two types. The first one is ordinary offset printing. This printing method can print relatively simple text and vector patterns. If it is a delicate bitmap, the printing effect is poor. This printing method needs to be dried for a long time after the printing is completed, and then coated with a plastic film to prevent the ink from falling. The advantage of this printing method is that the price is relatively low, and the disadvantage is that the printing time is long.

The second type is UV ink gravure printing. This printing method has excellent effects, not only has good printing effect, but also has a short printing time, but the price is relatively expensive.

Transparent stickers can also be divided according to the shape, which can be divided into two types: right angle and shape. The right angle can be pulled directly after printing, which is relatively simple and does not add extra cost, while the special shape is It is necessary to cut the mold with a die-cutting machine and then make a stencil, so the cost of printing is high.


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